The last days of the world: a sensual and delirious tragicomic-romantic masterpiece [critique]

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The last days of the world
Wild bunch

The Larrieu brothers’ film, with Catherine Frot, Mathieu Amalric and Karin Viard, returns to Arte.

With this story adapted from two novels by Dominique Noguez, the brothers Larrieu come back to a raw, daring and (above all) invigorating art. By attacking the apocalypse film, they hijack the genre to dig a little deeper into their favorite theme: stories of love, sex and freedom. The last days of the world is an original film, to (re) see this evening on Arte. Here is our review, originally published when it was released in theaters in 2009.

You might as well warn you: The last days… is a confusing film that some will find, in the first degree, too long, uneven and crammed with cheap special effects. Yet, armed with a sharp second degree, the film becomes a sensual and delirious tragicomic-romantic masterpiece. An erotomaniac festival that evokes both Robbe-Grillet, Romero and Demy. The filmmakers multiply the dreamlike and tragic scenes, the earthy off-topic dialogues, deploy an incredible sense of musical setting (you have to see how the songs, especially those of Léo Ferré, dramatize the scenes) and demonstrate the direction of actors. breathtaking. The last days… resolutely blows a fresh wind on French cinema.

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