The Last Duel: impressive trailer for Ridley Scott’s new medieval film

Who will win the last duel in 14th century France: Adam Driver or Matt Damon?

Be forewarned: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have a funny hair style in the trailer for the Last Duel. But nothing to do with any buffoonery that would remind their duo of Dogma. Ridley Scott’s new movie isn’t all about the two of them – the cronies are co-writing the movie, however. This is the story of Marguerite (Jodie Comer), in the Kingdom of France in the year of grace 1386, who accuses a man (Adam Driver) of having raped her, and the case will be resolved via the judgment of God: in other words, a good fight with weapons and armor between the accused and the victim’s husband (Matt Damon). And this epic trailer promises that The Last Duel contains some of Sir Ridley’s obsessions: the portrayal of killer men, the endlessly questioned story-show, affirmed and abused feminism … “The truth does not matter. Only the power of men matters”. And Bam ! The Last Duel will be in French theaters on October 13, and possibly at the Venice Film Festival in early September, unless Ridley is already showing his next film there, House of Gucci ? Because despite its testamentary title which refers to Scott’s first feature, The Duelists, the filmmaker has not yet retired. Because afterwards, he will have to tackle Gladiator 2.

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