The Last Duel: Matt Damon on his reunion with Ben Affleck, 25 years after Will Hunting

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Ridley Scott’s new film, co-written by the duo and Nicole Holofcener, will be screened at the Venice Film Festival.

Beware, nostalgia: almost twenty-five years after the hit film Will hunting by Gus Van Sant, starring Robin Williams, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the latter two are together again for the new Ridley scott (Thelma and Louise, Alone on Mars…) entitled The Last Duel. Damon and Affleck had been the writers of the Van Sant film – they had also received the Oscar in the category “Best original screenplay” – and they will resume their function for the feature film of Scott, which will mark their second collaboration of writing, in addition to each playing a role on screen.

Damon was recently guest of Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show, discover the video below:

Will Hunting: the origins of the triumph of Gus van Sant, Robin Williams, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

The actor briefly opened up about his reunion with Affleck for The Last Duel, which is also a film adapted from the novel by Eric Jager The Last Duel: Paris, December 29, 1386, which deals with the true story of the last official combat trial in France. Matt Damon gave some details:“This is the first movie we’ve written in twenty-five years, and we wrote it with a great writer named Nicole Holofcener. We saw it as a story of perspectives, so Ben and I wrote the male perspective. , and Nicole the feminine. ” And fans are lucky: Damon thinks they might have to write more in the future with Affleck: “Having been making films for thirty years has taught us a lot about structure along the way and the process has gone much faster. So jI think we’ll write a lot more in the future, because it didn’t take as long as we thought. ”

More efficient therefore, than for writing Will hunting ? “The writing process on Will Hunting was so inefficient! Since we didn’t really understand the structure, we wrote thousands of pages.” But the actor does not fail to specify that at the time, they had “No deadlines, no one cared what we were doing, no one was waiting for the script, we were unemployed and literally had nothing better to do.”

But this time around, things look different. The actor claims that with Affleck, they devote a little time to writing each day, and that writing time comes along with other parts of their lives, such as their family, “We say to ourselves: let’s write from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., so that we have time to drop off the children and then pick them up afterwards.”

The film is scheduled for the October 13, 2021 in theaters. Check out the trailer below:

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