The Lion King 2: Barry Jenkins found the voices of young Mufasa and Scar

Finally, from Taka, the original name of the big bad from the movies.

With $ 1.6 billion in worldwide revenue, the live adaptation of Lion King, by Jon Favreau, is one of the biggest hits of Disney studios. He quickly wanted to continue the adventure, and surprised everyone by hiring Barry Jenkins, the Oscar-winning director for his drama Moonlight, to stage the second episode. Which will not be a sequel, but a prequel, where the lions will always be animated in 3D and dubbed by actors. Hollywood Deadline announces that he has just found the interpreters of young Mufasa and Scar, who is not called that in the press release, but Taka, his original name (we suspected that “scar” was a nickname given after the injury that damaged his face, here we are!). Aaron Pierre (who just worked with the director on The Undergroud Railroad) will therefore lend his voice to Simba’s future dad, and Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Waves, Chicago 7) to his opponent. They succeed James Earl Jones and Chiwetel Ejiofor respectively.

Barry Jenkins explains why he agreed to shoot the Lion King sequel

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