The look of an Orc from Lord of the Rings was inspired by… Harvey Weinstein

The look of an Orc from Lord of the Rings was inspired by… Harvey Weinstein
New Line Cinema / Abaca

A small revenge of Peter Jackson, told by Elijah Wood.

As we know, the relationship between Peter Jackson and Harvey Weinstein was complicated during the manufacture of the Lord of the Rings : the director had to fight to impose three films to Miramax, because the producer wanted only one and he threatened to replace him with Quentin Tarantino if he did not listen to his orders. He also imposed on him not to make castings to certain actresses (Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino, in particular, to whom he had sexually blackmailed). Finally, the trilogy of Lord of the Rings was produced by New Line Cinema, but the films contain a “easter egg” linked to this disagreement: Elijah Wood told the microphone ofArmchair Expert an anecdote about the filmmaker, who had the idea of ​​having one of the Orcs designed by his team of mask designers to look like Harvey Weinstein. A revenge from the filmmaker, who could not take any more of all his requests and threats received at the beginning of the creation of his film.

Lord of the Rings: Peter Jackson accuses Harvey Weinstein of blacklisting Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd

“Dominic (Monaghan) and Billy (Boyd, either the interpreters of Merry and Pippin, editor’s note) talked about it recently with Sean (Astin, Sam’s) as part of their podcast The Friendship Onion, details the actor who played Frodo 20 years later. It’s funny. They were talking about their first memory when they arrived in New Zealand. We had seen all those Orc masks, and one of them, I remember like it was yesterday, was made after Harvey Weinstein. It was a kind of arm of honor. I can tell, now that he’s in jail: fuck that guy! “

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