The Lord of the Rings: two new characters from the series The Rings of Powers revealed

Theo the lord of the rings
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Return to Middle-earth with new characters that we will follow throughout the season.

New characters from Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power were revealed on the official Twitter account of the series. They are Theo and Bronwyn, apparently human (but we will have to wait for more details to be sure).

Pictured is Theo, played by Tyroe Muhafadin whose first major role it is, holds in his hand the hilt of a sword whose blade is missing. The object could be reminiscent of Narsil, the sword of Isildur (the ancestor of Aragorn) broken by Sauron at the end of the second age, but that does not fit with the timeline of the series which takes place before the war of the Last Covenant. Is Bronwyn embodied by the Iranian actress Nazanin Bionadi that we have seen in How I Met Your Mother.

Beginning in a time of relative peace, the series follows a cast of characters, both familiar and new, as they confront the dreaded re-emergence of evil in Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains, to the majestic forests of the elven capital of Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Númenor, to the far reaches of the map, these kingdoms and characters will carve out legacies that will last long after that they are gone.

The Lord of the Rings: the production of the series reacts to the “controversy” of the casting

This new series, prior to the saga of Lord of the Rings, will focus on making the rings that made Sauron the villain we know. We will find Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) and Elrond (Robert Aramayo), much younger than in the saga. This first season is the most expensive ever produced on television since the budget reaches nearly half a billion dollars. In the realization, we find J.A. Bayonawho had previously made Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, with JD Payne and patrick mckayduo who wrote the screenplay for star trek 4 which should be released in 2023.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will be available on Prime Video from September 2.

The teaser right here:

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