The Lost Symbol canceled: no season 2 for the series on Robert Langdon

The Lost Symbol

The adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel ends there.

Streaming has yet to unravel the mysteries of the Da Vinci: Code ! The American platform Peacock broadcast last year The Lost Symbolan adaptation of the prequel book by Dan Brown (released in 2009) and devoted to young Robert Langdon (played by Eddie Izzard), as he has been recruited by the CIA to crack the code of a number of deadly puzzles …

But this derivative series will not go beyond season 1. It has already been canceled. No season 2 for The Lost Symbolto the great displeasure of Peacock who regrets, without giving any reason: “We were so proud to bring this action-packed mystery thriller to our members and enjoyed watching this gripping series unfold with a complete and satisfying story. We are grateful to Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie, Dan Brown, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard for bringing this novel to life…”

In France, The Lost Symbol is still unpublished.

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