The Mandalorian: the return of Luke Skywalker told in a special episode

A making-of to see at the end of August on Disney Plus.

Shortly after that The Mandalorian completed its second season, last December Disney + uploaded a 70-minute documentary under its banner Disney gallery. A making of in which a part was missing on how the production managed to bring back a Mark Hamill, digitally rejuvenated, in the skin of a Luke Skywalker in an unseen era, post-Episode VI, at the peak of his Strength.

The Mandalorian season 3 filming will wait until the end of the year

The streaming platform will finally reveal its secrets via a new bonus episode of Disney gallery entirely devoted to the surprising return of the Jedi. Presumably, the episode in question will feature interviews with showrunner Jon Favreau, executive producer Dave Filoni, and director Peyton Reed. We should also hear Max Lloyd Jones, who made the body lining of this thirty-something Luke, on which the face of Mark Hamill has been glued. The cult actor of Star wars, which was not actually on the set, could – we hope – give his opinion on this comeback! In any case, this new episode behind the scenes of The Mandalorian explore the “cutting edge” technologies used by producers to bring the famous Jedi Master back to screens. And we’ll find out how they worked with Hamill to develop an “authentic and proper” facsimile of his’ 80s face.

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – Making of the Season 2 Finale releases on Disney + on August 25.

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