The Morning Show season 2: sex, lies and big egos [critique]

The Morning Show season 2
Apple TV +

Apple’s series cleverly integrates the Covid into its storyline, while keeping its DNA intact.

Mid-March 2020, after three weeks of filming and only two episodes in the box, season 2 of The Morning Show surrendered. A cataclysmic Covid stop for the industry, but perhaps even more for the prestige object of Apple TV +: a series that takes place in New York, behind the scenes of a morning talk show on the news, perhaps Can she reasonably pretend the pandemic never existed? Decision is therefore taken to take advantage of this forced break to rewrite the remaining episodes in the light of the virus. So what does it look like, The Morning Show under SARS-CoV-2? Curiously, roughly the same as before, the arrival of the Covid being done via skillful time jumps.

We still follow the consequences of the scandal within the UBA channel, whose star presenter (Steve Carell) abused his power to obtain sexual favors. He has now gone into exile in Italy, out of sight. Some troubling questions arise: do we still have the right to exist publicly after that? Can a woman take advantage of the situation to boost her career, even if she indirectly participated in it by closing her eyes?

Difficult to go further without deflowering the plot, but the series responds to these questions in a more frontal and unexpected way than in season 1, while keeping what made its salt: the ” walk and talk »Aaron Sorkin way, fool’s games, bloated egos, the latent war between Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, and especially the insane Billy Crudup, indispensable agent of chaos. Fans of Succession would be well advised to take a look.

The Morning Show season 2, starting September 17 on Apple TV +.

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