The Next A Quiet Place Movie Now Has a Title Confirming the Prequel

What happened on Day 1…

The saga A Quiet Place will expand. Paramount officially announced during CinemaCon that the franchise will be entitled to a third installment, a prequel titled A Quiet Place: Day Onewhich will certainly be translated by Without a Sound: Day 1.

The film directed by Michael Sarnoski (of Pig) will likely chronicle the arrival on Earth of these horrific blind aliens, who then conquered the world entirely, and were discovered in John Krasinski’s 2018 feature film. DayOne will therefore go back in time and expand on the original concept, while shifting the perspective beyond the Abbott family.

This prequel to Without a Noisewhich will be set in the origins of the drama, will be released in theaters on September 22, 2023.

Then, in 2025, we will see A Quiet Place — Part IIIthe direct sequel to the second opus, worn by Emily Blunt and released in 2020.

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