The next James Bond is not for tomorrow: “It will take time”

Producer Barbara Broccoli seems to be struggling to pass the Daniel Craig stage.

That is going to take time Before naming Daniel Craig’s successor, summarizes the co-producer of the James Bond saga, Barbara Broccoli. To varietyon the red carpet of the Longacre Theater in New York (where Craig plays macbeth), she explains that it is ” a big decision. It’s not just about casting an actor for a role. We have to rethink everything to know where we are heading. And to clarify that she is not here to comment on Bond’s future anyway, but to “ celebrate one of the greatest actors on the planet, Daniel Craig. »

The Amazon / MGM deal confirmed: what future for the James Bond studio?

Obviously, the producer is going to have a hard time moving on to someone else… Lately, we were listing the possibilities available to her after Dying can wait :

Bond 26: what future for James Bond after Dying can wait?

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