The next Pixar, Red Alert, will finally be released on Disney +

The resurgence of the health crisis has led the studio to revise its plans.

Like an air of deja vu … Cinemas will still have to deal with the health crisis. Like Soul (end of 2020) and Luca (in the summer of 2021), Pixar will still not be entitled to the big screen for Red alert. His new animated film jumps out of the cinema box, facing the fear of an overly uncertain box office, and will be released directly to streaming on Disney Plus, as the studio announced today in a press release. Provision of subscribers at no additional cost.

Red alert will be released on March 11 on the platform, in France and around the world.

Initially planned in theaters, the story of Meilin Lee – a young 13-year-old teenager who suddenly discovers that she is transforming into a red panda – will not be released in theaters due to the Omicron wave that is overwhelming the world. Faced with the uncertainty of the current health climate, Disney prefers not to take any risks:

“Given the delay in the box office recovery, particularly with regard to family films, flexibility remains at the heart of our distribution decisions”, justifies the direction of Disney in a press release.

The following Pixar, Buzz the Lightningr, is still scheduled for a theatrical release on June 17th.

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