The Office US is coming to Netflix

The Office US is coming to Netflix

Here are four photos of Steve Carell to share the good news.

The Office US arrives on Netflix on October 23 in full. “ It took four shots of Steve carell, who plays Michael Scott in the cult series originally released in 2005, for the platform to announce the news. After being broadcast on Amazon Prime Video and Salto, here it is, which has landed among the competition. A big blow for Netflix, knowing that it was last year the most watched series, all streaming platforms combined!

HBO paid for James Gandolfini not to replace Steve Carell in The Office

Cult sitcom declined in 9 seasons, it chronicles the life of office workers and differs from the English version, conceived in 2001 with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant after a few episodes. Did you know that a French adaptation had also seen the light of day? It was called Office, and it is François Berléand who played the boss of the box, in 2006, on Canal +. Its creators Nicolas and Bruno tell us about it in detail here:

The Secret History of the Office, the French adaptation of The Office

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