The Originals star finds a role in Titans

Joseph Morgan DC
Warner Bros. DC

Joseph Morgan will incorporate iconic DC villain Brother Blood.

Since saying goodbye to Klaus Mikaelson, Joseph Morgan struggling to find a big role on the small screen. Crusader in Brave New World and briefly in Animal Kingdomsince the end of The Originals and Vampire Diariesthe English actor joins the fourth season of the DC series Titansbroadcast in France on Netflix.

He will join the regular cast to play the role of an iconic villain of the stable, named Brother Blood (aka Sebastian Blood), described as a “an introverted man with a strong intelligence, but endowed with a darker hidden nature“. The character has already been played in Arrowverse by Kevin Alejandro.

Furthermore, Titans also welcomes the German actress Franka Potente, ex-star in the franchise Bourne. She will slip into the skin of Mother Mayhem (aka May Bennett), described as a “natural leader who always carries threat and violence with her.”

Finally, Lisa Ambalavanar (doctors) will stick a head in the role of Jinx, described as a “quick-witted criminal and master of black magic”.

This season 4 of Titans is expected later this year, in France on Netflix.

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