The Pact of Wolves: Christophe Gans tells us (almost) all the secrets of the film

The influence of Hong Kong and the SoulCalibur video game, the hidden details of 4K restoration…

The Pact of the Wolves was released in French theaters on June 10, in a restored 4K version (a Blu-ray version is scheduled for September 23): a triumph when it was released in theaters in 2001 (more than 5 million admissions!), Christophe Gans’ film remains a real miracle of cinema, mixing all the film influences of its director (kung fu, monsters, swashbuckling epic) around the Beast of Gévaudan in fantasized Auvergne from 1766. The restored version was screened in Cannes in the cinema on the beach, and on this occasion, we met Christophe Gans: the interview was supposed to last twenty minutes, we spent almost an hour talking about the fascinating Le Pact of the Wolves, its influences ranging from Hong Kong cinema to video games (it’s SoulCalibur which inspired Vincent Cassel’s sword-whip). And lots of other things: what Jean-Pierre Jeunet told him (author of the other triumph of 2001 named Amelie Poulain) when the film was released, why the filmmaker considers that The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez is the ultimate French film, how the 4K restoration revealed buried details of the Pactwhy this film was a hit and why it had to remain without descendants… In short, an exciting encounter that you can watch now:

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