The Power has a dark first trailer [vidéo]

Corinna Faith’s horror film unfolds, with Rose Williams as a possessed nurse.

“The light will not save you.” After scripting the series The Innocents (available on Netflix), Corinna Faith enters the cinema scene with his feature film The Power.

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The film is set in London, in 1974. As the UK braces for major power cuts, Val, a junior nurse, arrives for her first day on the night shift at a hospital. dilapidated. With the majority of patients and staff evacuated to another hospital, she finds herself almost alone in this dismal building. But behind its walls hides a heavy secret that will force Val to face his deepest fears and confront an evil force.

A first trailer already shows the cast in action:

This one is worn by Rose williams in the lead role, and completed by Mark Smith, Marley Chesham and Diveen Henry respectively in the roles of chief, young Val and matron of the hospital.

Horror film with deadly light shows, The Power must darken French theaters from February 16, 2022.

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