The priest of the Midnight Sermons confesses, the truth about Father Paul

Midnight sermons

Midnight Mass actor Hamish Linklater explains what lies behind the religious at the center of the Netflix series and his motivations …

It is the starting point of Midnight mass, the new theological series of Mike Flanagan, on Netflix. The priest who declaims these famous Midnight Sermons to the small community of Crockett Island, which it will turn upside down forever … Warning for spoilers!

Biblical explanations to better understand Midnight Sermons

For Father Paul is none other than old Monsignor Pruitt, rejuvenated by the blood of the Vampire, whom he thinks to be an Angel. A curse that he brings home and from which he will infect all his followers. But why did he do this?

“Bishop Pruitt’s meeting with this Angel, as it is described in this confessional by Mike Flanagan, was written as a physical experience. The language is very sensual. And I think that makes sense, because it justifies the Father Paul does what he does next. It is that he feels miraculous to be with this angel and to be revitalized like that.“, explains the actor Hamish Linklater To The Wrap. “Monsignor Pruitt suffers from arthritis, he loses his memory and then he comes back like this. Meeting this creature cannot be anything other than a gift from God, something you would like to share with the people you love the most. . “

Notably old Mildred Gunning: “I think the best version of ourselves, our best intentions, can go inch by inch without even realizing it. Afterwards, it’s just too late. He believed in the community and he believed in the Bible, in what he did for the community. I think there’s this sort of miracle euphoria that makes this second chance idea not only seem viable, but really desirable …

Hamish Linklater finally recounts how Pruitt’s physical transformation into Paul was crucial for the character and the essence of the series: “He has this new language. He has this new body. He has a great new energy, a kind of great sportsman energy. That’s how I played it anyway …”

Midnight Sermons is currently available on Netflix.

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