The Razzie Awards cancel the special award dedicated to Bruce Willis for his multiple DTVs

Following the announcement, by his family, of the illness of the actor, which pushes him to stop his career.

While the family of Bruce Willis has just announced that the actor has aphasia, a disease that impacts his speech and understanding and requires him toend his acting career, the Razzie Awardsa ceremony parodying the Oscars by highlighting the failures of the 7th art (poor performances, cinematographic failures…), have decided to cancel the special prize created especially for him in the last edition.

The ceremony, which took place last Saturday, had taken this decision because of the many DTV films shot by the star in recent times (22 films in 4 years, precisely, of which the last 8, released last year, were in the category “Bruce Willis’ Worst Performance in a Movie of 2021”). According to a survey of Los Angeles Times, the star participated in these multiple projects shot quickly for maximum profits on the advice of his work team, without being completely aware of what he was participating in. The unfortunate timing between the announcement of the 67-year-old comedian’s illness and that of the prize earned the Raids many reviews.

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After careful consideration, the Razzies have made the decision to rescind the Razzie Award given to Bruce Willis, due to the diagnosis he recently revealed, write the co-creators of the ceremony, John JB Wilson and Mo Murphy. If a person’s medical condition is a factor in their decision-making and/or performance, we recognize that it is not appropriate to give them a Razzie. »

Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported the words of those who have worked recently with the actor: more than twenty people present with him on the film sets expressed their concern for the well-being of Bruce Willis. Details are herebut beware, reading this survey is quite difficult.

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