The reboot of Kick-Ass will be “completely blocked”

Matthew Vaughn even wishes good luck to the new actors!

Before Deadpool or Harley Quinn, the superheroes of Kick-Ass rocked the box office by offering a violent action comedy filled with swear words. In short, for adults. The movie Matthew vaughn, released in 2010 starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Nicolas Cage and Mark Strong was a big hit in theaters ($ 100 million in revenue for $ 30 in budget), and resulted in a less well-received sequel, Three years later. Since then, Vaughn has repeatedly mentioned the possibility of filming a new one, without talking about a new sequel. It would no longer be a question of imagining a new version. In full promotion of his prequel of Kingsman, the director and producer of Kick-Ass talks about his reboot project again Kick-Ass near, in partnership with Mark Millar, the creator of the comics.

Chloë Grace Moretz announces that she wants to do Kick-Ass 3

“For me, the key is in the title. Kick-Ass (kick ass, in French) … It has become a new genre in itself. When we did, everyone told us: ‘Oh, you can’t shoot an R-Rated superhero movie (not recommended for under 17s unaccompanied by an adult). No one will see it. It’s impossible, don’t do that. ‘ So we did. (Laughs) I would even say more: we dared, and I said to myself: ‘Ok good. It’s gonna cause controversy, everyone’s gonna talk about it. Some people will love it, others will hate it. ‘ I won’t tell you if the characters are returning or not, but I assure you that you cannot imagine what this new movie will be like. I’m gonna need some really brave actors and actresses to star in the new Kick-Ass, because we’re going to freak them out! This film will be completely off. “

Here is the trailer for The king’s man, in theaters on December 29:

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