The return of Tic and Tac is revealed in a crazy trailer

Adventures in Tic et Tac Park

They no longer have much to do with the Risk Rangers …

The cutest rodents in the Disney universe are preparing to land in the 21st century! Disney + will air from July 28 Adventures in Tic et Tac Park, a new wacky and wacky cartoon, as evidenced by the trailer:

The hazelnut-eating brothers will embark on improbable adventures, crossing Pluto or Donald Duck, in a clean and modern design. Chip & Dale, called in France Tic and Tac, are two squirrels who try to live the good life in a big city park. Always worried and nervous, it’s Tic, freaked out by the follies of his dreamy and relaxed brother, Tac …

New episodes will be available to watch every week exclusively on Disney + … far from the adventurous atmosphere of Risk rangers, the cartoon from the 1990s that rocked the childhood of those who, reading this article, are already starting to hum: “At the critical moment when everyone cracks, their tactic is attack … “

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