The return of Vikings? Michael Hirst announces a possible sequel! [exclu]

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“It is possible that we will meet again soon… I say it like that…”

Just over a year after the conclusion of vikingswhile the spin-off Vikings: Valhalla (set a century later) has already launched on Netflix, the show’s British creator, Michael Hirstreveals to us to be considering a return to the world of Ragnar and his sons!

Netflix confirms season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla and already orders season 3

Crossed at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival these days, the screenwriter first explains to Première that he is always surprised to see the enthusiasm for his series, which lasted 6 seasons and 89 episodes: “It’s pretty great that people are still so passionate about vikings. When I came to Lille, for the Series Mania festival last March, I was followed in the streets by a crowd of people! This is the first time this has happened to me! I didn’t understand why: “I’m only the author of the series, you know…” But they answered me: “No, no, you’re Mr. vikings “It’s a thing still alive after all…” smiles the 69-year-old screenwriter, who also specifies in the process that he is in the process of resuscitating his series:

“I miss Ragnar and his sons. They’re like friends. I’ve lived with them for so long… Every morning when I walk into my office, it’s like I’m going to find out what’s going on. they were doing… So it’s possible that we’ll meet again soon… I say it like that… But it’s possible! I’m currently considering a project with some of the characters (from vikings) who would be back…”

When asked if the story would actually take place, chronologically, between the end of vikings and the start of Vikings: ValhallaMichael Hirst tempers: “We’re really at the beginning of the project, so I can’t say much more… But I know how much people love these characters and would like to see them again…”

In any case, the British creator tells us in the process that this sequel would not be for Netflix. And so would certainly distance himself from Vikings: Valhallalike Michael Hirst himself:

“I am not at all involved in Vikings: Valhalla. Because Jeb Suart (the showrunner of the new series) is an action doer (he notably signed the screenplay for diehardEditor’s note). I’m more interested in the characters. So here it is… I don’t watch the series… I don’t really have a reason to. I don’t want to hurt myself (…) I wasn’t really involved in the project and I watch quite a few series… Me, I was done. I made my saga. Then they do what they want.

Because even if he prepares a return to the world of vikings, Michael Hirst ensure that he is “delightedof how he was able to conclude his story in 2020: “Two old gentlemen talking, sitting on a beach, talking about existentialism… Oh yeah!”

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