The reunion of the two CHIPS bikers, 40 years later

CHIPS meeting
Twitter Larry Wilcox

Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox ride together again on the roads of California.

For 139 episodes and 6 seasons, agents Jonathan “Jon” Baker Francis and Llewellyn “Ponch” Poncherello roamed the highways of California, tracking down crime with unparalleled style. Chips ended in 1983 and 40 years later, Erik Estrada and larry wilcox got together a few days ago for a little souvenir photo.

The two actors, now aged 73 and 74, did not like each other outside of filming. The blond, Wilcox, from the Shakespearian school, learned all his texts when his partner arrived with his hands in his pockets, sticking his lines on the mirrors of his motorcycle…

But water has flowed under the bridges and the elders of Chips meet regularly for conventions. “Me and my great friend”, even writes Erik Estradain his message, he who joined the real forces of order, 7 years ago, integrating the police department of the city of Saint Anthony (Idaho). larry wilcoxhe lives a peaceful retirement on his ranch in San Fernando,

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