The Righteous Gemstone: Succession Looks In The Season 2 Trailer

The Righteous Gemstone

Who will inherit the empire from John Goodman?

We must not take the children of the good Lord for wild ducks. Certainly. But Pastor Eli Gemstone’s children, we can! The trailer season 2 of The Righteous Gemstone promises a most insane war of succession within the very rich evangelist family.

John goodman will return to protect his empire, despite the stupidity of his descendants, played by Danny McBride, Adam Devine and Edi Patterson. Especially since external predators will threaten to destroy everything.

Walton Goggins will notably be back, but in addition, Jason Schwartzman (Fargo), Eric Roberts (Suits), Eric André (Man Seeking Woman) and Jessica Lowe will join the cast this year.

The Righteous Gemstone, season 2, will be on view from January 10 on OCS in France in US + 24.

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