The Ring: a traumatized teenager attacks the National Education

The 2002 American remake of the Japanese horror film aired during a French class in 2019, traumatizing the 13-year-old.

In 2019, a 13-year-old secondary school student in 4th grade watches, as part of a French course on fantastic cinema, the American remake Le Cercle – The Ring. This horror film, which chronicles how an unlabeled and unbranded tape kills everyone who watches it, has since traumatized the teenager, with medics judging the teenager to be the victim of “post-traumatic stress” (via LCI), requiring medical and psychological follow-up as well as hypnosis sessions.

The Ring vs The Grudge: The Double Cursed Trailer

Since then, her parents have lodged a complaint against the National Education for showing their 13-year-old daughter a film prohibited for children under 16. They claim 11 thousand euros in damages, claiming that their daughter then did “no longer watched TV alone”, what “stayed locked up at home” and lived “a very hard end of college”, with panic attacks and social isolation, as reported byAFP. If the public rapporteur Romain Reymond-Kellal, for his part, advocated a rejection of this request while recognizing “do not share the educational bias” from the teacher, he stressed that the screening had been followed by a writing from the students with the aim of “to study the construction of fear in a film” and of them “to take a step back”. The court’s decision is expected within two weeks.

As a reminder, Le Cercle – The Ring was directed by Gore Verbinski, with Naomi Watts and Martin Henderson, David Dorfman appearing in the cast. A sequel was directed by Hideo Nakata in 2005. His trailer:

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