The Rookie could be entitled to a spin-off and here is already the trailer

The Rookie spin-off

Nolan will team up with the oldest recruit in the FBI Academy…

For 4 seasons, The Rookie works pretty well on the ABC channel. So much so that Nathan Fillion could make babies. A spin-off is being seriously considered and the pilot will be broadcast on Sundays April 24 and May 1 in the USA.

It will be a two-part event (“Simone” and “Enervo”), within season 4 of The Rookie and which will introduce the character of Simone Clark, played by Niecy Nash (Claws). An FBI intern in training, Simone is “a force of nature” and “the living embodiment of a deferred dream”, as she is the FBI Academy’s oldest recruit. Obviously, this will resonate in Nolan, who was in his time the youngest rookie of the LAPD. Trailer :

Together, they will therefore carry out the investigation in the city of Angels, to stop terrorists, before Simon leaves – perhaps – on his side for his own series (still untitled) derived from The Rookie

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