The scene from Captain America: Civil War that shocked Robert Downey Jr

To see again this Sunday on TF1.

“It’s really good.“Guest of Tonight Show of Jimmy fallon, in May 2016, a few weeks after the release – and the box! – of the Marvel blockbuster which will be rebroadcast at the end of the weekend on the first channel, Robert downey jr did not hide all the good he thought of Captain America: Civil War brothers Russo. He also revealed that a small detail of the feature film had particularly marked him. In one of the scenes at the start of the film, Robert Downey Jr comes face to face with his Iron Man, but with several decades less. The result has it“completely freaked out”, admits the actor to Jimmy Fallon.

Forever Young: How Marvel rejuvenated Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Douglas …

Taking advantage of his passage in the Tonight Show, Robert Downey Jr also gave a short Actors Studio class to Jimmy Fallon. He asks her, for example, to imagine himself opening a door and discovering behind a woman whom he loved but whom he believed to be dead. But an ex-girlfriend he must kill. Just that.

Robert Downey Jr .: “Captain America Civil War is my little Iron Man 4”

The story of Captain America: Civil War : The trailer for the movie: Captain America: Civil War picks up where Avengers: Age of Ultron left off. Steve Rogers has now taken the helm of the Avengers, determined to redouble his efforts to protect the world. However, after their involvement in a new incident with considerable collateral damage, political pressure mounts to put in place a system delineating their fields of action and a governing body that can determine when to really call on the Avengers. This new dynamic that is required of them creates tensions within the team, even as it strives to counter a threat as ruthless as it is unprecedented …

The movie trailer:

Captain America Civil War: Team Cap, Team Iron Man… Who defends what?

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