The screenwriter of I Am Legend vs. antivax: “It’s a movie”

“I made that up. It is. Completely. False.”

An article from New York Times explaining how some people took the movie I’m a legend, by Francis Lawrence (2007), as an excuse not to be vaccinated against the Covid reached the ears of its screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman, who was angry against the antivax on Twitter: “Oh. My. God. It’s a film. I made it up. This is. Completely. False.”

Why did he have to justify himself like this? Because of employees in New York, who used the development of the epidemic in the film as an example to refuse the vaccine: “A woman explained that she was worried because she thought the vaccine had turned people into zombies in I’m a legend. ” What prompts the American newspaper to explain: “People opposed to the vaccine have used this scenario to defend their ideas on social media, but the disease that spreads in the film and turns people into zombies is not a vaccine, it is a genetically modified virus. . ” Hence the astonishment of the screenwriter, who finds himself in spite of himself having to argue that it is in any case only fiction, and not at all an example to follow in times of global epidemic …

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