The screenwriter of Ozark justifies himself and analyzes the scathing end of the series

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“Capitalism only works if there is a winner and a loser”, details the showrunner of season 4.

It was almost impossible to finish ozark, satisfying everyone. So part 2 of season 4 did the best to conclude the mafia adventures of the Byrdes. Spoiler alert!

Ozark: the end of the Netflix series explained

If no member of Marty’s family was killed in the final episode, ozark had the show’s most popular character sent to the morgue: Ruth Langmore. Executed by Javi’s mother, whom she herself had shot a few hours earlier, the poor kid ended up going there. Much to the chagrin of the fans.

“Half of the show’s writers felt it would have been cooler to know Ruth was alive and well at the end of the show”, tells showrunner Chris Mundy to TVLine. But it was the other half of the writers who had the last word, and the boss explains that it was impossible to save everyone: “It wouldn’t have been honest for everyone to get away with it so easily…”

Becausehe Byrdes don’t do cleanly in karma, but they do cleanly in terms of life and success! I started to get this feeling that the writers were forcing a happy ending, because we’re kind of like the parents of these characters. But are we telling a story that rings true, that rings true, if nothing tragic happens? We talked about it, we debated about it… It was really difficult and moving to try to find the right decision to make for the series. Even if there is a form of cynicism in making poor Ruth pay the price…”analyzes Mundy, who sees in this conclusion a certain analogy of capitalism:

“Capitalism only works if there is a winner and a loser. In many ways, the Langmores are the losers in this equation, while someone else builds their fortune on their misfortunes. The Byrdes came and climbed on the backs of people like the Langmores. There’s something real about them. There’s something cynical and very fair and very true about all of this…”

And don’t expect a surprise twist from behind the bundles: Ruth didn’t survive the bullet that went through her chest. “I’m sorry, but she’s totally and absolutely dead!”

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