The Sea Beast, the animated film from Netflix between Dragons, Moana and Pirates of the Caribbean

Chris Williams (The New Heroes, Moana) is filming an adventure on the high seas for the streaming platform.

“A legendary hunter of sea monsters discovers the presence of a young girl secretly embarked on his boat. These two characters will then form an unlikely duo, while their travels will lead them to cross paths with gigantic sea creatures…” Behind this short synopsis hides an intriguing animated film: The Sea Beastsimply translated The Sea Monster, in French. An adventure staged for Netflix by Chris Williamsthe co-director of New heroeswho also worked as an animator on Moana Where Snow Queen for Disney Studios. The streaming service today unveils its first teaser, for the moment only in original version, which promises its share of action on the high seas. This montage evokes in turn the rich universes of Moby-Dickfrom the trilogy Dragons from Dreamworks or the saga Pirates of the Caribbean. With a “vibes” Moana undeniable.

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In the voice cast, you may recognize Karl Urban (Dr McCoy from star trek), Zaris-Angel Hator (a young actress seen in the series Victoria), Jared Harris (Chernobyl), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Broadchurch, Homecoming), Dan Stevens (the Beast in The beauty and the Beast live from Disney) and Kathy Burke (Absolutely Fabulous).
Netflix will upload The Sea Beast next July 8.

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