The Sinner canceled! season 4 will be the last

The sinner
USA Network

The grand finale will air on Wednesday December 1 in the US and we are already being promised “a satisfactory end to Ambrose’s journey”.

Detective Harry Ambrose is going to retire! The American channel USA Network announces today that The sinner will end. The crime series is canceled and Season 4, currently in progress, will be the last.

It was a great pleasure and a privilege to be able to tell the kind of stories that we have told in The sinner these last four seasons “, comments series creator Derek Simonds in a statement. “I’m very happy to complete Harry Ambrose’s dramatic arc as we planned in this final season. Many thanks to my partner in crime, Bill Pullman, and to the actors, screenwriters, directors … “

This fourth season, which debuted on October 13, follows a newly retired Ambrose, who travels to Hanover Island in northern Maine for a getaway with his girlfriend Sonya. But he will quickly be overtaken by death …

The grand finale of The sinner will air on Wednesday December 1st and we are already being promised “a satisfying end to Ambrose’s journey “. In France, this season 4 of The sinner will soon be available on Altice Studio then Netflix.

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