The slap of Will Smith: a great publicity stunt for Chris Rock

Will Smith banged Chris Rock ahead of his Best Actor Oscar!

The places for the comedian’s show snapped up like hot cakes.

Whereas Will Smith publicly apologized to Chris Rock for the humiliating slap he gave her, the American comedian still seems to have not recovered from his emotions. Indeed, not a word from him since the Oscars ceremony last Sunday.

variety looked into this silence of the victim of the slap, and reveals that if shame invaded Will Smith, for Chris Rock, this event paradoxically made him a huge publicity stunt. According to the dealer TickPickmore tickets for his show Ego Death World Tour were sold overnight from Sunday to Monday than during the whole month of March. Tuesday morning, the tickets for his future Boston show were already sold out on the site ticker master. Prices also exploded from $46 to over $400.

Her tour will start in a few days and take her to 35 cities around the world in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. To end on a high note, the last two shows will take place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, where Sunday’s Oscars took place. What if Chris Rock was simply waiting for the launch of his show to react to the slap on stage, as part of his show?

Oscars 2022: Chris Rock will not file a complaint against Will Smith

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