The Sopranos get a new lease of life with the film Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark

The release of the prequel film has jumped streaming audiences of the old series, which ended 15 years ago.

Certainly, The Many Saints of Newark is not really a box office, with $ 7 million in revenue on American soil and barely $ 10 million internationally. But released simultaneously on HBO Max, the prequel was a huge success in streaming across the Atlantic and made audiences jump. Soprano at the same time !

The Many Saints of Newark: the creator of the Sopranos protests against HBO Max

Variety thus reveals that The Many Saints of Newark is the highest performing film on the HBO Max platform for a week, and by far surpassing films like Reminiscence (with Hugh Jackman) or Cry Macho (by Clint Eastwood). Above all, this cinematic variation allows parallel to the original series to find a new youth. The Sopranos Scores explode again on HBO Max, fifteen years after the end. According to Variety, the mafia drama even broke a record, winning last Sunday the largest number of daily viewers in the history of the platform. A very recent history, of course, but this does not prevent: the audience of Soprano increased 65% week-on-week, with the release The Many Saints of Newark.

“We knew there would be an effect of the film on the series, but we were surprised by the magnitude,” WarnerMedia’s Andy Forssell comments to Variety. The Sopranos is such a popular series. She appears and comes out of the Top 10 from time to time. She’s not a heavyweight like Friends in absolute terms, but she’s doing just fine. “

The prequel feature is thus “an opportunity for new viewers to learn about the series, or in many cases return to it.”

Forssell admits that WarnerMedia hoped that The Many Saints of Newark revives the hype around Soprano. “People want more of it, in whatever form. We’ve been super excited about this idea for a long time, but it worked out really well in the timing.”

In France, all Soprano can be found on OCS.

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