The Sopranos: HBO wants a new series following The Many Saints of Newark

David Chase’s film helped “wake up the franchise” and another prequel is being discussed.

The success of The Many Saints of Newark for the past few weeks has given HBO more desires. The American channel is currently working on a return of Soprano, in the form of a new series. A new prequel that would obviously be worn by the historic creator, David Chase, if Deadline is to be believed.

Furious at WarnerMedia, after studio decision to upload The Many Saints of Newark online on HBO Max, simultaneously with its film release, the screenwriter has visibly put water in his wine, since he is currently discussing the possibility of developing a prequel series, for HBO Max obviously.

David Chase recounts his favorite late Sopranos moment

She should come forward like some kind of sequel to the movie The Many Saints of Newark. We do not know much, except that it will take place in the universe of Soprano, if we are to believe CEO Ann Sarnoff who just says:

We talk to David about a new series, related to Soprano, on HBO MaxShe also suggests that the new series could just as easily take the form of a new movie, if the discussions ever turn out that way.

“You see The Sopranos are in the Top 10 of our series watched on the service. The film gave him a whole new life. He literally awakened the entire Soprano franchise in a new way, “ she comments.

David Chase has previously explained that he’s not opposed to making a sequel to The Many Saints of Newark, which would take place in the late 1960s and 1970s, “on one condition: I would if Terry [Winter] and I can write the script together.“. To be continued.

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