The spectacular Batman trailer sets Gotham City on fire

The Mystery Man, Catwoman, Alfred, The Penguin, Twilight Gotham, a bunch of fights and explosions: sacred program for this very exciting trailer.

We were getting ready for some really heavy stuff after last year’s long teaser, but it’s even better than that. Unveiled at the DC FanDome, the trailer for The batman is a real eye-catcher and may well convince the most skeptical. Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Planet of the Apes – The Confrontation…) Seems to be based on the darkest comics of the Dark Knight (Robert Pattinson, impeccable), and put a twilight atmosphere that would make Christopher Nolan’s Batmans look like children’s films.

No salvation here, only garbage (The Mystery Man played by Paul Dano, whose face we will never see but who is the central element of the plot; Colin Farrell, unrecognizable as Penguin), a Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) more disturbing than ever and Andy Serkis as Alfred. The trailer also gives an idea of ​​the action scenes of the film, very raw from the formwork, where Batman takes bullets without flinching and connects the shots in the face. “Fear is a tool. This light that tears the sky is not just a call. It’s a warning“, warns Batman. The video ends with a hellish chase with the Penguin, a character who could indeed not last long …

Come on, more than five long months to wait. The batman hits theaters on March 2, 2022. Watch the trailer:

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