The Stars: Palmashow seeks glory in its new film [bande-annonce]

“We just got fired, we might win 100,000 bullets. Yeah well yeah you’re welcome, yeah.”

“One day, I will be a singer” Daniel proclaims in The stars, the new film directed by Jonathan Barré and written by the comic duo of Palmashow. After the release of their first film, The Mad story of Max and Leon, which brought in 1,228,382 theaters when it was released in 2016, Gregory Ludig, David Marsais and Jonathan Barré are doing it again with a new feature film, expected for February 2022, and whose first trailer has just been released:

The Stars: the new Palmashow film is displayed

The stars revolves around Daniel, a failed singer, working in an appliance store, and played by Grégoire Ludig. Desperate to repay his debts and find himself in the spotlight, he decides to use Stéphane, a naive and pretentious colleague played by David Marsais, to participate in television games. So yes, everything opposes them, and no, it will not be easy, but Daniel and Stéphane are full of resources …

Taking up their characters of happy naive, that the fans know well (and who had illustrated themselves in Mandibles by Quentin Dupieux), Ludig and Marsais surround themselves with many actors for this comic feature film: Julien Pestel, David Salles, Grégory di Meglio, Alexandra Gentil, Sam Karmann Where again Maxime Musqua complete the cast.

Distributed by Gaumont, The stars will be released in theaters February 16, 2022.

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