The Suicide Squad is “by far the best film of James Gunn”, assures Joel Kinnaman

The actor also admits that the first film did not live up to expectations.

Five years after David Ayer’s film, DC Comics’ Suicide Squad is about to return to the screens (July 28, 2021 in France). Among the actors of the first who agreed to re-emerge in the reboot directed by James gunn, we find Joel Kinnaman, alias Rick Flag. And the latter is very enthusiastic about this new version, as he confided in a podcast of Variety (via EW).

That’s crazy. This is by far the best James Gunn movie“, assures the actor.”We go to another level. At the same time, the film really looks like what I imagined, because there was a very clear vision from the start. While we were shooting, we knew exactly what we were doing (…) Obviously, I’m not objective, but I think it’s one of the most entertaining films I’ve ever seen.. “

Harley Quinn will have her craziest action scene in The Suicide Squad

Kinnaman is full of praise for The Suicide Squad and promises that the film will be “funny from start to finish“, but will also have a lot of emotional moments.”It’s a different universe. We’re on something totally hilarious and depraved“. A promotional speech to be taken with all the usual precautions, especially when we remember the disappointment of the first film, after months of tantalizing teasing.

The actor has just returned to David Ayer’s film, and he politely admits that the result was not up to expectations. “The characters were great… I think the first 40 minutes of the film were great, and then there were conflicts over the vision to follow and it didn’t end as well as we hoped.. “

The Suicide Squad Will it be as amazing as Kinnaman wants to say? Or should we fear another disappointment? Answer in a few weeks at the cinema …

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