The Summer I Became Pretty: What We Know About Seasons 2 and 3

The summer when I became pretty

The new teen series which is a hit on Amazon will have a sequel, already ordered by the streamer.

After being a hit on Netflix with To all the boys I’ve lovedJenny Han is thrilling Amazon subscribers with The Summer I Became Prettythe first season of which was fully uploaded Friday on Prime Video.

Fans can be reassured: season 2 was officially ordered by the platform in early June, and it will begin filming in the coming weeks, near Wilmington, North Carolina. Expected release summer 2023 on Prime Video.

Lola Tung will be back at the center of this sequel to The Summer I Turned Prettywhich this time will adapt the second volume of the literary saga, namely The summer when I found youpublished in 2010.

It is Jenny Han, again, who will be the showrunner and will bring her book to the screen herself, with the help of a new screenwriter Sarah Kucserka.

Spoiler alert! If this season 2 The Summer I Became Pretty follows the plot of the second book, one will return to discover that Susannah has died and Belly’s new relationship with Conrad is fracturing under the weight of the stress. He ends up running away from home to find Jeremiah, and she turns to her younger brother…

A volume 3 was also published in bookstores in 2011, entitled The summer ahead of us.

But season 3 is not yet ordered by Amazon: “It totally depends on what Amazon wants and really what the public wants. I would like to have three seasons because there are three books. So I wish I could finish telling this story the way I wrote it.” comments Jenny Han in Variety. “But I certainly don’t take anything for granted. I just hope the show finds its audience and people like it and want more.”

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