The Tender Bar: the feel good trailer for George Clooney’s new film

With Ben Affleck as a nice uncle!

For his new film, George clooney adapts the true story of JR Moehringer, in his autobiographical book, The Tender Bar, that of a nice orphan little boy who grew up without a father, under the neon lights of his uncle Charlie’s bar (Affleck), in contact with a gallery of father figures as original as they are demonstrative. The result is a rather promising feel-good melodrama trailer:

Ben affleck will play this “Uncle Charlie” alongside Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One), but also Christopher Lloyd and Lily Rabe. The script for the film is written by William Monahan, best known for winning an Oscar for the screenplay of The Departed (The Departed), Martin Scorsese’s thriller.

Amazon Studios is behind The Tender Bar, for its Prime Video platform, with a release scheduled for December 22 in several American theaters and then all over the world in streaming from January 7.

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