The Three Musketeers: a release date for the two films of Martin Bourboulon

With François Civil, Pio Marmaï, Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris and Eva Green in the main roles.

The new adaptation of the fresco by Alexandre Dumas The three Musketeers, directed by Martin Bourboulon (Eiffel, Papa or Maman 1 and 2) and written by Mathieu Delaporte and Alexandre De La Patellière, finally has a release date. Announced in October 2020 by Pathé, this adaptation will be in two parts, entitled D’Artagnan and Milady, which will be released on April 5 and December 13, 2023, respectively.

The Three Musketeers in two films by Martin Bourboulon (Papa or mum, Eiffel)

These new films, in production since this summer, represent the most ambitious French productions of the moment, with a cast to match. The actors François Civil, Pio Marmaï, Vincent Cassel and Romain Duris will play the musketeers, playing D’Artagnan, Portos, Athos and Aramis respectively. Milady will be played by Eva Green. We also find in the distribution Louis Garrel as Louis XIII and Vicky Krieps as Queen Anne of Austria. Lyna Khoudri will be Constance Bonacieux and Jacob Fortune-Lloyd the Duke of Buckingham. Cardinal Richelieu will be Eric Ruf of the Comédie Française. Marc Barbé, Patrick Mille, Julien Frison of the Comédie Française and Ralph Amoussou complete the cast.

And if few details have yet been revealed on this super-production made in France (that said, we know more or less the story because of the books), a first synopsis is revealed: “From the Louvre to Buckingham Palace, from the lowlands of Paris to the siege of La Rochelle … In a Kingdom divided by the wars of religion and threatened with invasion by England, a handful of men and women go cross their sword and link their destiny to that of France. ”

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