The top 20 best Amazon Prime Video original series

Top Amazon 2021

From The Boys phenomenon to La Fabuleuse Mme Maisel, via the great historical drama The Underground Railrod, or nuggets like Upload or Invincible, the Prime Video platform is full of series to discover.

While waiting for the release of the highly anticipated adaptation of the Lord of the Rings, Amazon Prime Video has already filled its catalog with very successful original creations. “House” series that are still too little known among us, even if some are little gems to discover absolutely.

The Top 10 Best Amazon Prime Video Original Movies

20) CARNIVAL ROW (2019)

Carnival row

A great fantasy saga, carried by the ultra-glamorous couple Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. A splendid original fiction. Breathtaking aesthetics, shrouded in meticulously crafted mythology, though the story struggles a bit to get started.
Actual status : Season 2 recently wrapped up filming and is slated for release in 2022.

19) JACK RYAN (2018)

Jack Ryan critic

After Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck or Alec Baldwin, in the cinema, it’s John Krasinski who puts himself in the shoes of the hero created by Tom Clancy. Jack Ryan, a promising CIA analyst, investigates the four corners of the world, to fight terrorism, in this big action series with big money.
Actual status : Season 3 is on order but should not be released before the end of 2022.

18) HANNA (2019)

Hanna amazon

A successful adaptation of the 2011 film, directed by Joe Wright (with Saoirse Ronan in the title role). A short decade later, screenwriter David Farr resumes her story of a girl unlike any other. The story of a former CIA member who teaches his daughter to be an assassin, hidden in a remote forest in Poland. She will show extraordinary talents … A very effective punch action drama, led by a very endearing duo: Joel Kinnaman and Esme Creed-Miles.
Actual status : Season 3 will be released at the end of 2021.

17) AMERICAN GODS (2017)

american gods season 2 trailer

Neil Gaiman’s book is adapted for the screen in this very ambitious mystical saga, and brought by the very charismatic Ian McShane to the cast. The war between America’s Old Gods and New Gods is already raging!
Actual status : The series was abruptly canceled after season 3 in the spring of 2021.

16) MIXED (2021)


Between teens and period series, this original French creation takes us back to France before 1968, to tell the story of the first high school girls mixed with high school students. The painting of an era, tender and uplifting. A nice series on the youth of our parents or our grandparents, which will speak to all generations.
Actual status : a season 2 is in the pipes but not yet officially in production.



Sacred Best Comedy of the Year in 2016, to everyone’s surprise at the Golden Globes, the series also allowed Gael Garcia Bernal, the Mexican star, to collect a trophy. He embodies Rodrigo, a brilliant and inhabited conductor, freely inspired by the famous Gustavo Dudamel.
Actual status : the series ended after season 4, in 2018.


This adaptation of Master of the High Castle was one of the most ambitious of Amazon, which put the means to recreate the uchronic world of Philip K. Dick. An absolutely morbid and fascinating world, in which the Nazis and their Japanese allies won World War II and now share the world among themselves. A great adventure as thrilling as it is mysterious.
Actual status : the series ended in November 2019 after 4 seasons.

13) UNDONE (2019)

Undone Amazon

First of all, we must talk about the form. Visually, Undone is a series like we have never seen or almost. An animated series but not really, since it uses real actors (Rosa Salazar, Bob Odenkirk among others), recreated using the technique of rotoscoping. A technique which consists in raising image by image the outlines of a figure filmed in real shooting to transcribe the form and the actions in an animated film A process used to place the characters in a hallucinating and hallucinating fantastic world. A lush painting, which constantly flirts with the phantasmagoria and which takes us completely.
Actual status : the series has been renewed for a season 2, which still has no date.



DaddyAlly mcbeal, David E. Kelley, returns to the forensic series, and shows that he has lost none of his talent, with this legal drama in the vein of Damages, embodied beautifully by Billy Bob Thornton. Moreover, the American actor was honored with a Best Actor award at the Golden Globes!
Actual status : Season 4 aired in September 2021. It was the last.

11) GOOD OMENS (2019)

Good omens

A linear transcription of the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, published in 1990, which tells how a good and charitable Angel will make an alliance with a sassy Demon, to save Humanity, because the Antichrist has arrived on Earth … David Tennant and Michael Sheen are the Alpha and Omega of this wacky and irreverent theological comedy.
Actual status : initially planned as a mini-series, a season 2 was finally ordered in 2021.

10) HOMECOMING (2018)

Amazon prime

Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot plunges Julia Roberts into a breathless paranoid thriller, all in pretense. A psychological thriller adapted from a successful fictional podcast, which first amazes with its clever visual device: the past is in full screen while the present is filmed vertically, with large black bands on the left and right highlighting the mental confinement of the heroine … Season 2, worn by Janelle Monáe (and without Roberts), was less successful, but gripping despite everything.
Actual status : no season 3 is planned for the moment.

9) Harry bosch (2015)


The character created by Michael Connelly is brilliantly embodied by the former of Lost, Titus Welliver. He embodies this brutal detective from the Los Angeles Police, whom we follow in various dark and perfectly paced investigations. To binge-watcher as one would devour a good thriller!
Actual status : Season 6 is scheduled for spring 2020.

8) UPLOAD (2020)

Amazon Prime Video

Who wants to download their consciousness into a machine? Eternal life in digital is sketched in a dark and brilliant way by the creator of The Office. A sharp criticism of our civilization which never ceases to live connected (and which tomorrow will die connected), coupled with an SF fable with exciting thriller accents, mixed with a 3.0 rom-com. In short, a unique anticipatory comedy, with scathing black humor.
Actual status : season 2 was filmed in the spring of 2021 and should be released before 2022 on our screens.

7) INVINCIBLE (2021)


It’s not easy to be an ordinary 17 year old teenager, when your father is none other than Omni-Man, the greatest superhero on Earth! Robert Kirkman’s fabulous comic book – created before Walking dead – is entitled to its adaptation into an animated series. A smart and bloody replay of superheroes boosted by absolutely insane action scenes that are generous in hemoglobin. Pure fun.


Too Old to Die Young

A brutal nightmare enters Drive and David Lynch. The Danish director, Nicolas Winding Refn, signs an atmospheric and ultra-violent thriller set in Los Angeles, led by Miles Teller, who plays an LAPD cop who turns after nightfall into a fearless vigilante, punishing the worst bastards in the city: rapists, pedophiles, filthy pornographers …
Actual status : there is no plan for a season 2.

5) THE EXPANSE (2015)

The Expanse season 4: review
Amazon prime

Not an original series at first, but this interstellar western was picked up by Amazon after its cancellation on Syfy. A great SF show that abandons space opera and opens up new horizons. The transformation to the platform was perfectly successful.
Actual status : The Season 6 finale will go live in December.



One of the great successes of the platform to date. A moving and surprising drama, perfectly in tune with the times, which tells how Morton Pfefferman, an old patriarch without history, decides to change his gender to become Maura. A vibrant plea for the transgender cause, rewarded with a shower of Emmy Awards and Golden Globes.
Actual status : Following the accusations against Jeffrey Tambor, the series ended with a musical finale aired in September 2019.


The Marvelous Mrs.  Maisel season 3 trailer

The adventures of 1950s New York housewife Midge, who discovers a talent for comedy and stand-up, has enchanted critics and viewers around the world, to the point of garnering numerous Emmys and Golden Globes. , in 2018, then in 2019. A dramatic and historical comedy, touching and funny, which rarely captures the evolution of the condition of women.
Actual status : Season 4 is scheduled for December 2021.


The Underground Railroad: Before The Lion King 2, discover Barry Jenkins' series

Despite Barry Jenkins’ slightly over-mannered style, the Oscar-winning filmmaker for Moonlight brings up a hot topic on television. Without being the definitive series on slavery that it could have been, the strength of The Underground Railroad lies in the reversal of the gaze imposed by the director. Through the epic of the African-American experience in its diversity and from within. And by asking the question of the gaze, that of white slavers, that of a black woman on her own condition as a woman, black, slave, that of the men who exploit her. And especially the gaze of the spectator, constantly questioned through the frontal close-ups of his heroine.
Actual status : the mini-series has only ten episodes and will not have a sequel.

1) THE BOYS (2019)

the boys

A great slap! The adaptation of Garth Ennis’s comics is a delightful little bombshell, imbued with biting cynicism and trash humor that takes the Justice League back to the Stone Age! Homelander and his superhero comrades fight villains, crime and terrorists, but above all they are a brand, marketed and declined in merchandise. These “super” are super celebrities who generate billions of dollars every year. And inevitably, it will turn out badly …
Actual status : The filming of season 3 ended in September 2021 and the broadcast is expected to arrive in early 2022.

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