The Town: Ben Affleck came up with the idea for this cult prison scene

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The Town
Warner Bros.

The robbery film will be rebroadcast on France 2 on Sunday, after election night.

Update of June 19, 2021: In September 2020, The Town was turning ten, and Ben Affleck had told several anecdotes about his heist film in the press on the occasion of the anniversary. We will share it again to wait until it is rebroadcast, Sunday at 10:45 p.m. on France 2.

News of September 26, 2020: With its stringent script and staging, as well as a naked cast (Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm), The Town has established itself over the years as a classic heist movie. Enough, in any case, forEntertainment Weekly solicits Ben affleck to celebrate the 10 years of the film. The opportunity for the actor and director to deliver an anecdote about one of the film’s defining scenes: the one where the gang of robbers, disguised as nuns and machine guns in their hands, come across a policeman alone in his car. After an exchange of glances and a moment of hesitation, the officer turns his head and lets them slip away without intervening.

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Does this sequence seem unrealistic to you? Mistake. Ben Affleck explained to EW that it was during a visit to a Boston jail (where The Town, of course) that he had the idea while he was still in the middle of preparing the film. That day, he had come to speak with an inmate specializing in armed robberies. After two hours of talking, Affleck asked him if he had a story out of the ordinary. And so the prisoner told him this:

I remember a time we stole a truck, got back in the car, drove to the spare car and then got out, still masked, and saw a cop near a truck -dumpster. We stopped, we looked at him, he looked at us, he took a moment and he turned to the other side.

The anecdote obsessed Ben Affleck, who had no choice but to place it in his film: “It justified all the time that I had not spent doing research“.

Trailer of The Town :

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