The Translators – Lambert Wilson: “Audiences are fed up with premade action movies”

The director of Populaire, Régis Roinsard, returns with a film Cluedo: Les Traducteurs, where 9 stars interpret 9 translators locked up by a paranoid editor played by Lambert Wilson. We met some of the cast.

While he returns this week to the cinema in Matrix Resurrections, Lambert Wilson will be one of the Translators, on Canal +. A film with an original pitch that had intrigued the drafting of First. We had met part of his team to talk about it in early 2020. Flashback.

Matrix 4: What happened to the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson)?

Interview of January 28, 2021: Lambert Wilson, Olga Kurylenko, Riccardo scamarcio, Sidse babett knudsen, Eduardo Noriega, Alex lawther, Anna maria sturm, Frédéric Chau, Maria leite and Manolis Mavromatakis are therefore in the casting of Translators, where everyone made the effort to play in the language of Molière.

Who done it?) With relentless mechanics, Translators undoubtedly suffers from his desire to surprise the spectator at all costs, even if it means abusing the twists repeatedly. In any case, the film is smart enough to be entertaining, if you are a bit playful.

During the last Arc Festival, we met some of the film’s actors: Lambert Wilson, Riccardo Scamarcio, Frédéric Chau, Alex Lawther and Maria Leite to tell us about it. Without spoiler, of course …

The trailer for Translators :

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