The Truman Show makes perfect use of Jim Carrey’s incredible comedic energy [critique]

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The Truman Show

To see again this Sunday on television.

At the end of the weekend, at 9 p.m., 6ter will offer The Truman Show, by Peter Weir, a dramatic comedy released in 1998 in theaters, which quickly became cult. The story ? “Truman Burbank (Jim carrey) leads a calm and happy life. He lives in a neat little lodge in the radiant seaside resort of Seahaven. He leaves every morning for his insurance agent office from which he leaves eight hours later to return to his home, to savor the comfort of his model home, the unalterable good humor and the mechanical smile of his wife, Meryl (Laura Linney). But sometimes Truman Burbank suffocates under so much happiness and anguish overwhelms him at night. He feels more and more foreign, as if his entourage plays a role. Worse still, he feels observed. “

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The Truman Show seduced the criticism of First when it was released, and has been seeing each other again with pleasure: “A film that makes you want to get up in the morning and light the sun, a strong film with universal questioning; which of the creator or his creature, the” father “or the” son “, the jailer or the prisoner, is The master of the game? The king of this world? Weir maintains his paradoxical suspense all the better because he uses the most fucking recipes of marshmallow TV while pointing out the strings with a peaceful cynicism that does not waste time in moralization agreed, in denouncing the obvious. The best proof is that we are as attached to Ed Harris, tender executioner, as to Jim Carrey, naive but not so stupid, in a role which justifies his grimaces as much as he does them. limit, in short which uses its incredible comic energy while preventing the exasperation it could generate in its previous pranks. “

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