The Undoing: Nicole Kidman in Exciting New Big Little Lies (Review)

The Undoing kidman

David E. Kelley is once again very inspired by the little secrets of very rich people. A beautiful judicial thriller, acerbic and millimeter to discover in clear this evening on TF1.

After its great success at the end of 2020 on HBO and in France on OCS, the mini-series The Undoing unloads in clear, on TF1, for three exceptional evenings. The first two episodes are to be seen this Wednesday evening.

Nicole kidman in an upscale neighborhood, attending very rich people through an elitist school where she meets parents of privileged students, between two therapy sessions, until the day when a sordid murder shakes the city … No, you don’t watch Big Little Lies. Despite appearances, huge similarities and the fact that David E. Kelley be still in charge, it is not Big Little Lies !

Okay, it looks like it frankly. From luxurious decors to evening dresses, one has the impression that The Undoing brings us back to the Californian bourgeoisie of Monterey, when in reality, this prestigious new series for HBO takes us to the east coast. In Manhattan, to be precise, where Grace, a psychologist specializing in relationships, leads a dream life with her husband, a pediatrician who cures cancer, and their kind 12-year-old son. But when a mom from her private school is found appallingly murdered, and her husband disappears at the same time, Grace sees her world suddenly collapse …

This is also the title of this short mini-series in six episodes, adapted from a novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz (“The first impressions”, published in 2014 in Recherches Midi). In The Undoing, we must understand the fall, the ruin, the total deconstruction of a life. And that’s what happens to Grace over the course of this Machiavellian thriller, where the judicial and media machine gets carried away, crushes everything. A fascinating and perfectly put together criminal case, which instills doubt after each episode, after each revelation. Who is really to blame? Who is really innocent?

As in the best hours of Big Little Lies, we no longer know what wealth to turn to and we get caught up in the theories. We take affection for each of the characters as well. Because Nicole kidman always has this touching little trick to embody scorned women. Because we find a Hugh grant cheerful, often against the job, even if he always knows how to use splendidly his charming British phlegm. Around the star couple, Donald sutherland and her 85 springs appears in great shape and Edgar Ramírez makes a perfect detective at the Colombo, seeking to discover the true by preaching the false, with patience and placidity.

Nicole Kidman The Undoing

As in Big Little Lies, the casting has a lot to do with the success of The Undoing. Because basically, there is not much innovative in this story of murder among the rich and the powerful. David E. Kelley does not particularly seek to renew the genre of the thriller and remains in a vein all that there is more classic. And this is where his new series doesn’t really connect anymore Big Little Lies : the caustic camera of Jean-Marc Vallée, who covetously filmed the disorderly life of these mothers on the verge of a nervous breakdown, gives way to the much more acerbic eye of Susanne Bier. The Danish director, who has already shone on HBO with The Night Manager and who made a worldwide hit last year with Bird Box (the Netflix movie), sign all episodes of The Undoing. Its staging takes great pleasure in stripping off the pomp and decorum of Park Avenue. Goodbye glamor, rhinestones and sequins. Susanne Bier films with a certain virulence the descent into hell of his fallen heroine, prisoner of a life of lies. And this time, Nicole can’t count on Reese, Laura and Zoe, to get her out of the criminal rut.

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