The unlikely crossover between Rick and Morty and My Neighbor Totoro

Rick and Morty Totoro
Adult Swim

A very short video made in plasticine.

While season 5 of Rick and morty has just officially started, the Adult Swim France channel, now the exclusive broadcaster of the series with us, has just uploaded a short funny video, which bridges the gap between two behemoths of pop culture.

On the one hand, Rick and morty, of course. And on the other My Neighbor Totoro, the cult film from Ghibli studios, which even gave it its emblem. In this magical animated short film made from plasticine, we find the famous “Catbus”, this time in which Morty and his sister Summer are found. When the enchanted vehicle arrives at its destination, it’s to meet a Totoro remixed as Rick! Take a look below:

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