The unlikely story behind the creation of Doctor Quinn, female doctor

Doctor Quinn, female doctor

Jane Seymour says: “I was penniless, homeless, with two children… So I called my agent”.

For 150 episodes and two TV movies, Jane Seymour embodied a perfect Doctor Quinn, female doctor. Yet, as she tells it today in EWshe was “not at all supposed to play this role. The series was not even supposed to see the light of day…”

Jane Seymour recalls that in the early 1990s she was in the midst of a divorce, after a failed marriage to fund manager David Flynn involved her in some ill-fated affairs. “We got married, we had two children, then I had a devastating divorce in which I lost everything… I was in debt of 9 million dollars, sued by all the big banks, including the FISC . I was penniless, homeless, with two kids…So I called my agent and said I was ready to do anything.”

The entire cast of Doctor Quinn reunites, 22 years later

This is how the script of Doctor Quinn came to her. “I received the script at 10 p.m. that evening. At 10 a.m. the next morning, I had to give my answer and go to the fittings, before starting filming at 6 a.m. the following day! And I had to sign for five years. !”

Afraid of being stuck, she was then made to understand that this kind of show, “with a female lead, animals, medicine, a western… It’s dusty. Do not worry! A historical thing with morality, there was little chance that it would work. I was told: it will never happen, so don’t worry about your freedom. It will become a good TV movie and you can earn some money…”

The CBS channel itself hardly believed it, insists Jane Seymour : “No one expected a hit. Even CBS wasn’t planning on ordering the show. They thought they’d fail so they could clean up. When I told them it was going to be the hit of the year, I found that They hadn’t considered that at all!”

24 years after the end of the series, Doctor Quinnfemale doctor is still popular and Jane Seymour admits that, if she no longer wants to re-enlist for a series, she is quite ready to return to play her cult character in a possible sequel. The scripts would even be already ready…

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