The US press bites on the new Gossip Girl series

Gossip Girl

The criticism is not tender with the reboot, which has just been launched on HBO Max.

Not easy to seduce those nostalgic for Gossip Girl, without Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck and the others. A new generation of the Upper East Side is still trying its luck on HBO Max (and soon in France on Warner TV). The new series, reboot carried by a whole new cast, hardly has the favors of the American critics, who are having a great time, to bitcher on Julien Calloway (played by Jordan Alexander), Audrey Hope (Emily Alyn Lind ) and Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak). Gossip Girl could not have done better.

Fanatic TV written without taking gloves that it is “of an empty sequel, which does not have at all the thrill of its predecessor (…) With such a talented cast, one would think that there would be enough scenarios to explore. But the series quickly becomes tedious due to the lack of development of most of the characters. “

The CNN review goes further and is downright sorry: “Oh Gossip Girl, you really should have stayed retired my boy. Instead, the series returns via HBO Max, in a new reboot that shows not all TV brands deserve a second chance. Deviated on several levels, this news Gossip Girl seriously gives them something to talk about, but it doesn’t come out much good (…) A wrinkled series filled with miscalculations, while much of the cast feels clearly unconvincing in the skin of ‘adolescents … “

On the same line, IndieWire believes that this reboot did “no secret that deserves to be listened to … This Gossip Girl seems more interested in commenting on the old series than in establishing a new one worth watching… Without any inner drama among the characters or outward commentary on their place in society, Gossip Girl 2.0 is all shiny, well dressed and boring like the Instagram page of her influencer … “

Vulture sees in this new series “a very glamorous identity crisis (…) Much of the news Gossip Girl is a repetition of the themes and what made the interest of the first version. And yet she also wants to be a revolution, and thinks that she has to be one, even though she has no idea what this revolution should be, or even against whom it should revolt … C ‘is fundamentally hollow, frivolous and sprinkled with glitter … “

Decide did not like either but tempers by estimating that, if this “Gossip Girl 2.0 isn’t a perfect replica of what made the original so addicting, it has the potential to make it happen. If the news Gossip Girl can loosen his grip enough to let his Upper East Siders become the bullies they aren’t so secretly, there’s a chance this reboot will capture something good again. “

Entertainment Weekly concludes in the same way, considering that there “Too many stories in the first four episodes. And as a result, too many plots seem half-conceived (…) In the end, it would be tempting to say that this reboot is a mess without a name. But it could there could be something interesting to explore, if the producers are willing to get back to the basics of bitching! “

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