The very very high class: being a teacher is not easy for Melha Bedia! [Bande-annonce]

To obtain her transfer, she will have to face a major rival: Audrey Fleurot.

Two years later Strong and simply black, Melha Bedia returns to the big screen with The very very high class. She plays Sofia, a young French teacher, martyred by her students. Believing at last to hold the mutation of her dreams, she launches into an explosive farewell and savors her revenge. Problem: her transfer is frozen, she is now in competition with a professor with an irreproachable CV (Audrey Fleurot) and his students, more upset than ever, are determined to make him pay for his words. Lies at the academy, low blows to her competitor, seduction campaign… Sofia is ready to do anything to get her exit certificate!

The trailer right here:

The new comedy Frederic quiring (My Reum), presented during the official competition of the Alpe d’Huez Festival last January, will be released on August 10 on the big screen. In the casting, we find Francis Berleand (The chorists) and Arie Elmaleh (depression and friends).

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