The Visitors: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cult Comedy

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Première Cinéma Club 5: The Visitors presented by Christian Clavier and Jean-Marie Poiré
Gaumont / First Cinema Club

Here are a handful of anecdotes from Christian Clavier and Jean-Marie Poiré.

Visitors will return to TMC this evening. For the occasion, we invite you to discover 5 anecdotes about the film, gleaned during the screening that we organized as part of the Première Cinéma Club, five years ago.

Article from April 5, 2016: Visitors: The Revolution comes out at the cinema on Wednesday. While waiting for the reunion with Jacquouille la Fripouille and Godefroy de Montmirail, First organized on March 16 a screening of Visitors at the Fauvettes in Paris. On this occasion, Christian Clavier and Jean-Marie Poiré have told funny anecdotes about their big hit of 1993 (13.7 million admissions).

Christian Clavier: “A lot of people find it complicated to interview me”

1. Tom Cruise loves it Visitors

The director of the comedy was proud to explain that in 1993, Tom cruise told him he was a fan of Visitors for its mix of genres. “He found that in Hollywood, the producers did not take enough risks, whereas we dared to mix comedy, history, action… and even fantasy”. “It’s true that The Visitors was a weird movie, added Clavier. Writing a family adventure in old French, you had to do it! We fought, it was complicated to assemble. We were told it wouldn’t work. And finally… “.

2. Its success has been achieved over time
“You never know what’s going to work, continue Keyboard, which recalls that he has had successes but also big failures. The case of Visitors is special because if it got off to a good start (around 500,000 admissions in a week, editor’s note), its attendance has continued to increase thereafter. It’s rare ! And that proves that word of mouth was important ”. Indeed, the film then reached 700,000 admissions per week, and this for more than a month.

Premiere April 1993 Christian Clavier
Premiere (April 1993) / Gaumont

3. More than a success, a phenomenon
“Do you know how we realized it was becoming a phenomenon?” Skiing, laughs Poiré. We were going down a track and there two kids passed us shouting: ‘It’s okaaaay’. Rebelote a few minutes later with other children. We asked ourselves: ‘Do you think this is our’ Okaaay ‘? (Laughs) And yes, it was ours. “

4. Closer to Don Quixote that of Back to the future
“I like History with a capital H, but when it’s not boring, explains the director. As in the novels of Alexandre Dumas. On The Visitors, I particularly liked the idea of ​​putting fiction into History. That was the starting point, as well as the idea of ​​showing the master / slave class relationship. “” I had it written in black and white that Jean does not use his right of life or death on me “, then cuts him off, laughing. “All kidding aside, it’s this split that made us want to write the film. I was looking for a subject for Jean Reno, which I found very chic. He had to play his role in the first degree, and with Christian, it worked well, just for a matter of size: as he is taller than him, he did not meet his gaze ”. ” I confirm, then answers Keyboard. He spends the whole movie staring above me while I carry the luggage (laughs). “” We also wanted to answer the question: ‘How does it feel to meet your great-great-grand-grandparents?’, concludes Poiré. But with an added social aspect. We never thought of Back to the Future while writing, rather of Don Quixote ”.

5. The sketch that started it all for Valérie Lemercier
” I knew that Valerie Lemercier would be perfect in Bea, assures Poiré, because I liked a lot his sketch La Renardière. She was already expressing herself there like her character, emphasizing her ‘Marie-Chantal’ side. She was very snobbish and at the same time capable of swaying enormities. In the sketch, for example, she exclaimed between two bourgeois allusions: ‘We found lots of cousins ​​lost to sight on mom’s side, who have huge dicks!’. It was exactly this half-traditional, half-vulgar tone that I was looking for ”. The director got it right: a few months after the success of Visitors At the movie theater, Valerie Lemercier received the César Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance of the “Little-little-little-little-little girl” by Godefroy.

Trailer of Visitors :

The Visitors: Why Valérie Lemercier and Muriel Robin had a bad experience of filming

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