The Walking Dead: 7 questions about part 2 of season 11

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From the Reapers to the Commonwealth, the zombie series will take a new step in the next episodes.

After a four-month hiatus, season 11 of The Walking Dead resumes its course this weekend, with part 2 (in France on OCS from Monday). A new chapter supposed to take the horror series on the road to its conclusion. Because There are only 16 episodes left before saying goodbye. And the next ones will clearly take the Alexandria gang to another dimension… So what can we expect?

How will Leah and the Reapers end?

They have taken a disproportionate place, since the end of season 10 and without a doubt, episode 9 “No Other Way”, will put an end to this intrigue which has occupied Negan, Maggie, Daryl and others for far too long. Leaving Alexandria to collect supplies from the old base of the widow Rhee, they find themselves in the midst of open conflict with Pope’s militia. The latter is dead and it is now Leah who is leading the charge, against her ex and her survival comrades… The final battle was initiated in the October finale (with fireworks rockets) e the first episode of part 2 should make it possible to move on… It remains to be seen who will come out alive and how Daryl will turn the page, Leah.

The walking dead season 11 leah

How will they land in the Commonwealth?

This official photo of Carol, unveiled by AMC (below), is unequivocal: the plot of The Walking Dead will indeed move to the Commonwealth in the next episodes. But how will our Alexandrians end up there and how will they integrate? Here is all the question…

walking dead season 11 carol

How will Pamela Milton be?

Our heroes will have to deal with her in everything, that’s for sure. We’ve already run into his obnoxious son, Sebastian. But she’s the boss. Pamela Milton, Governor of the Commonwealth, will make a sensational entrance in Part 2.

walking dead season 11 pamela milton

Who is Mercer really?

With his orange battle dress, he is the head of the Commonwealth army. As in the comics, it will take on a major dimension in the new episodes. It remains to be seen whether he is a lawless psychopath or a straight and just man…

walking dead season 11 mercer

Will Daryl finally have a love story?

If he survives the Reapers attack – which there is little doubt, given the official photo below which also sends him to the Commonwealth – Daryl will be able to find his dear and loving Connie, who he thought was dead. for a while, and who reappeared in part 1, when he was away on a mission! And as actress Lauren Ridloff told us recently that Connie will be entitled to a certain place in part 2…

walking dead season 11 Daryl

Will Negan and Maggie kill each other?

We assume that these two are not going to take a cozy little apartment in the Commonwealth to end their old days together… If Negan and Maggie survive the final battle against Leah, the question of their cordial agreement will still arise. .. Are they able to live together? Or will Maggie always have in mind to avenge Glenn? Is the former Savior willing to risk being stabbed in the back at any moment?

walking dead season 11 negan

Will Alexandria disappear for good?

The emblematic city of walking dead took dear, in part 1, after being hit by a hurricane. And with the Commonwealth arriving on its doorstep, in an ostensibly bellicose way, in the official trailer for part 2, we can wonder if the city really has a future in the rest of the series… Answer from the 21st next February, in France on OCS.

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